Ambulatory Accreditation Consultants has wide-ranging expertise in virtually all aspects of ambulatory surgery center (ASC) development and operations. AMBULATORY ACCREDITATION CONSULTANTS projects range from simple, single-room facilities to multiple-room, multi-specialty ASC suites. Our clients range from solo practices to multi-specialty and single specialty physician/hospital joint ventures. AMBULATORY ACCREDITATION CONSULTANTS excel in finding cost-effective solutions that recognize the uniqueness of each client’s needs. This approach allows AMBULATORY ACCREDITATION CONSULTANTS, clients, to receive optimal value for their ASC consulting dollar.


Additional ASC Consulting services include:


  • ASC Operating Room Efficiency Services

    AMBULATORY ACCREDITATION CONSULTANTS have many years of clinical nursing and operations experience in surgery centers and hospital-based surgical departments. This experience forms an effective foundation of assessment and recommendations, leading to optimal efficiency in: 

  • Room Utilization

    1. Costs Per Case

    2. Accreditation Compliance

    3. Inventory Management

    4. Staff Utilization (to optimize efficiency of nursing FTEs)

    5. Operating Room Turnover


Such services can be critical in ensuring optimal efficiency and profitability in an increasingly challenging market environment. These services are available through on-site review by the consultant or by submission of data by the facility:



  1. ASC Staff Education and Training Services
    AMBULATORY ACCREDITATION CONSULTANTS have extensive experience in many facets of surgical care and are regular speakers at numerous national and regional meetings throughout the country. Training can easily be arranged on-site and includes an effective combination of visual media, handouts, and reference materials as needed. Consultants can provide effective, useful staff training in areas such as:

    1. Topical Seminars for CEU Credit

    2. Fire Safety/Disaster Preparedness

    3. Customized Staff Training Seminars

    4. Quality Assurance/Risk Management


   2. ASC Operations | Administrative

  • Nursing Technique  

  • Clinical Care

  • Strategic Planning

    1. Market analysis to determine user opportunities by specialty type.

    2. Evaluation of local third-party payer contracting opportunities.

    3. Review of ASC operations and compatibility with alternative specialties.

One of the most effective ways of achieving national accreditation is to ensure your policy manual contains all the formulas for your success in operations and formal business model design.  We have spent a total of over ten years, perfecting our policy manual to achieve the ultimate results.  This manual comes in a two-manual product item that contains roughly around 1650-2000 pages depending on your specialty.  To assist you at deciding if you like the integrity behind our manual, take look and review it here in the PDF viewer below:

This policy manual is one of two you will receive if purchased alone or if included in our Consulting packages.

Surveyors love it, Licensing folks adorn it.

You will too.

To purchase go to this page.

Ambulatory Accreditation Consultants

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